Terry Binns Skincare Inc. United States - general information:

in the United States - Missouri

Terry Binns Skincare, Inc. was founded in 1984 and is located in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. We are centrally located in the Continental United States and operate both a day spa and a distribution center for skincare products and esthetic supplies.


Terry Binns founded our business based on his previous reputation and experience as an esthetician. Terry Binns Spa has been used for training seminars for visiting estheticians and salon professionals. Additionally our staff has been involved in trade shows featuring the Dr. Belter Cosmetic products, Cirepil Wax from France, and The Derm Mask line of collagen fiber masks. We have additionally developed good protocols for the use of Dr. Belter Cosmetic products in spa facials. These procedures have been adapted by many estheticians throughout the country with great success.


For information the Dr. Belter Cosmetic products in the United States please contact: Terry Binns Skincare, Inc. You are welcome to ask for Doug Sheward in our main office.


Our website is terrybinnscatalog.com and we receive e-mail at: orders@terrybinnscatalog.com.

For telephone contact toll free within the United States (800) 909-7546 or (816) 221-9977 local to Kansas City Missouri. Our Fax is (816) 221-9997. We are located in the Central Time Zone and are open Monday through Friday.


Our mailing address:

Terry Binns Skincare, Inc.
2051 Holmes St.
Kansas City, Mo. 64108